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A date gone wrong(rubi vore story)
A kind man had asked rubi out on a date not knowing what would happen to him, this is the story of what happened
Man: so beautiful lady, how have you been today
Rubi: oh mostly just sleeping
Man: lets go back to my place
Rubi: im good with that
(at the mans house the man gives rubi a kiss)
Rubi(blushing): aww you shouldnt have
(they continue to kiss for a bit until the man stops)
Man: i have a surprise for you
Rubi: you shouldn't have... what is it?
(the man opens up the box containing lovely chocolates*
Man(while feeding rubi the chocolates): i love you
Rubi(blushing): i think i love you to
Man: your pretty hot for a demon
Rubi: wait what
Man: most demons are ugly and just want to rip off your skin and eat it, but you are not like them hottie
Rubi: ok im going to pretend i didnt hear you say that to demons, can i have some more chocolates
Man: no way, that could ruin your beauty if you eat to many
Man: woah babe calm down
Rubi: i expected a nice man who would buy me
:icontheironaquarium:TheIronAquarium 4 0
The gluttonous gut part 1
Veria one day woke up on a beach and was about the size of a palm tree, but what really mattered is that she was hungry, luckily a guy and his girlfriend were walking together towards her unaware of there fate. When they finally approached Veria grabbed them both and pressed them against her empty belly to let them hear it growl, Veria tells them that there going to be delicious and she then lifts the man up above her head and drops him into her mouth. And with a loud gulp the man is swallowed, His girlfriend trys to get out of her hand but is thrown into her mouth and swiftly swallowed. Veria walks across the beach rubbing her squirming belly until she finds a beach party, using trees she builds a trap and with some clever planning traps the party in a wooden cage. laying down next to the cage she then eats the party's food, good but not filling, hopefully you will all taste better says Veria as she starts to slowly eat the party goers. After eating them all she rubs her belly and soo
:icontheironaquarium:TheIronAquarium 5 0
A warriors end(veria vore story)
Once there was a warrior in golden armor who wandered the land protecting the people, he had recently heard of a red pirate ship owned by a figure that made villages disappear. He grabbed his weapons to search for this threat and attempt to end it.
Warrior: hmm this town is huge, theirs no way whatever is causing the disappearances of innocents would obviously come here next
Mage: Yea that seems reasonable boss s
Warrior: they say it comes at noon so for now lets grab something to eat at the pub
Mage: sure!
*a few hours later*
Mage: i think i see it...
Warrior: god that sure is a big pirate ship.
Warrior: its time to end this threat and make the lands peaceful
*they enter the boat*
Warrior: oh boy it sure is dark in here
Mage: im trying to use a fire spell to light our path but i somehow cant. its like something here is preventing that
Warrior: ok just stay close to me
*eventually they find some stairs*
*stomach growling is heard*
Mage: bbb-bb-boss i dont like the sounds of that
*the s
:icontheironaquarium:TheIronAquarium 0 0
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Relaxing lunch with blackhawk
and by that i mean veria relaxing and blackhawk being the lunch

requested by :iconGenBlackHawk1: who wanted veria to relax with him in her belly
i need to figure out how to use clear colors sometime
i want to make this one thing with a pool
man not that much has been happening on deviantart
Unnecessarily Stuffed
Heres the aftermath


even the blanket
even the glass
Really Really Unnecessary Picnic
Veria for once is going to eat food and not living things
i mean she did before but this time without eating people
6 new predators from another universe
no idea how they got here or why they joined veria but here they are

the first one is Xaer the most sneaky of the 5: masters special life siphoning magic that siphons the soul into her stomach, but sometimes she just eats the prey whole

the second one is 
Hyglor the most swifty and dealy of the 5: like all demon hunters she has a demon with in, this one happens to be a strange imp mother that feasted apon the living and even other demons, her demon form is like an imp mother and allows her to eat more easily

the third one is 
Lerboch the most gluttonous of the 5: uses anything she can to get her food, she will eat anything or anyone with ease 

The fourth one is 
Ewoidun the most magic of the 5: to capture,stun or defeat enemys that become her prey she uses very powerful magic of many groups

The fifth one is 
Purodach the most hidden: using stealth to sneak up and swallow, it is unknown what is behind the mask
theres this world of warcraft website called wowhead and for some reason i want to make some pred characters with it
tommorow i guess
Verias room
So heres what verias room looks like
its one of many rooms in her palace
1. Does anyone know where i can get some kind of slimy looking font.
2. could anyone help me make verias castle


eating request
if you really want to pay the points i will make a thing of veria eating your character i guess


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